LaSauce: The Journey Leading Up to The Release Of ‘Sindisiwe’

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Fans are pleased and excited with the drop of the new LaSauce album. The Singer / Songwriter has finally decided to follow up her debut album ‘Broken Lipstick’ with the her new and 2nd album, ‘Sindisiwe’. LaSauce first came to fame after she signed with Ambitiouz Ent back in 2017 and released the single ‘Coolerbag’. However, she really stole South African hearts when she released the follow up single, ‘I do’ which featured Amanda Black.

The music video for I do is still one of the most memorable music videos in South African history. The music video featured popular celebrity couple Priddy Uggly & Bontle Modiselle and has since seen over 10 million YouTube views. This all led to the success of her debut album ‘Broken Lipstick’, released November 2017.

Since then, LaSauce has left her fans longing for more. She did drop a successful single in 2019 titled ‘Emafin’i, which had fans craving an album even more. However, when she dropped the follow up ‘Njalo’ back in April, we all could sense that an album was coming and waited in anticipation. Finally! Fans are pleased, as LaSauce dropped her self-titled sophomore album Sindisiwe (31 August 2020).

Looking back at the Journey of the beautiful Singer, a lot would label it as quite the fairy tale. As the LaSauce was discovered by Ambitiouz Entertainment as early as the age of 18, just a week after dropping a single via the net & social media. Only just 22 years young, she’s already on her second major label album with billboards all over the city!

We decided to catch up with LaSauce at the Ambitiouz Ent headquarters, to dig deeper on what’s been a very beautiful and inspiring journey. Obviously, we also got to talk a lot about the music, especially the newly released album. We discovered a lot about the KZN born and raised Sindisiwe Magoso, so make sure you watch the interview and be inspired by the amazing & beautiful LaSauce.


It’s interesting that you went to a Muslim School. it’s a bit unheard of for a black (Zulu) girl to go to a Muslim school, how did that experience come about?

Well, as you all know the Dlamini clan has a reputation of being a very strict clan. So my Mom once told me that she doesn’t want to take chances with raising a young beautiful girl, She’d rather send me to a cultured and disciplined school where I can learn the proper principles, principles and be protected. That was some of the reasons she sent me to a Muslim School. It was actually an amazing experience and it has helped me to look at life with a different eye.

So, what are some of the principles you learnt from that experience and are still applying in your life?

Growing up in an Islamic environment taught me a lot of things, including affirmation and discipline. Being able to be firm in who I am today also comes from that upbringing. Being signed and getting a record deal as a Teenager, I had to come to Jozi to start an independent life as early as 18. My upbringing made it easier for me to remain solid and firm on who I am.

Give us a brief history lesson on how you got signed by Ambitiouz Ent.

I was very fortunate to be picked up at the very early stages of my musical journey. Funny enough I actually discovered my skill for song writing when I was helping a friend of mine express a crush she had for this boy, so I wrote a song for her in dedication to that boy. As soon as that was done, I fell in love with the process of song writing and I ran with it. Just a year after that, I recorded my first ever single called Independent. Just about a week after that I pushed the song on Social Media, I was discovered by Ambitiouz Entertainment.

You’ve just dropped ‘Sindisiwe’, which is your second album. How is it different from your first album ‘Broken Lipstick’?

Sindisiwe is a self-titled album, with Sindisiwe being my real name, meaning saved. So, the album is basically about being saved by love. The album is a beautiful vibrant Afro-Pop album. The best part of this album for me is working with different producers, the production was the best part of working on that project. Sindisiwe is a very personal & honest album, I’m very vulnerable on that  body of work and I admire that about myself. When writing music, you sometimes hold back on a few things, because you don’t want to sound out of line or reveal too much of yourself. However, with this album I realised that I’m very vulnerable and honest. The outcome was very beautiful and unexpected regarding thew challenges we faced during the making of this album.

Are ever afraid that you might be revealing too much of yourself though the music, do you ever write a song and think “maybe I shouldn’t reveal this about myself”.

*lol* I’m not going to lie, that happens a lot especially since I’m a very reserved person. However, I’m also very honest and I’ve realised that in modern times people are afraid of the truth. So, sometimes when I sing about the truth it does cross my mind that maybe I might be going overboard. However, at the end of the day it’s just about honestly being who you’re.

Now for anyone out there who also has a dream of their own, but they fell stuck and are not sure where to start or even go. They may feel they lack the resources or funds to make their dream a reality, what advice would you give them?

I think it’s more about how much you want it, rather than what you don’t have or lack. So for anyone who’s passionate about their dream, you just have to put yourself out there. Don’t worry too much about your lack of resources or even negative comments and doubts that may come from other people. Focus on getting yourself out there and work with whatever you have at that very moment. When you believe and put things into action, everything else will fall into place.


Real name                             : Sindiswe Magoso

Place of birth / Kasi             : Umzinto, KZN, South Africa

Date of Birth                          : 4 August 1998

LaSauce Age                                 : 22

LaSauce on Instagram             : @LaSauceSA

LaSauce on Facebook              : @LaSauce

LaSauce on Twitter                    : @LasauceSA__

Record Label                                  : Ambitiouz Ent

Occupation                                    : Singer & Songwriter

Genre                                                  : Afro-Pop, RnB, Trap Soul, Hip-Hop

Popular Songs                               : Coolerbag, I do, Emafini, Njalo

Album(s)                                           : Broken lipstick, Sindisiwe

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